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Mission Statement

Lynwood Networking is a leader in providing value-added Structured Cabling Services to our Customers by involving them throughout the installation process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the installation team. Lynwood Networking has tasked itself with supplying and installing the most modern IT systems available while also providing leading-edge IT structured cabling consultancy services.


Company History

Based in South Dublin, Lynwood Networking for the past 15 years is one of Ireland’s most dedicated Installers & suppliers of structured cabling networks.

Lynwood’s founder & Company Managing Director; Mr. Ivan Walsh formally established Lynwood Networking back in 2001 having worked in the IT cabling industry for many years before. He felt strongly it was time to provide a solid platform within his Company for his Customers to achieve the high quality structured cabling installations and communications (e.g. Copper) and Interconnecting Backbone cabling (e.g. Fibre) that they required, but which he knew was not been delivered by most competing companies during this time.

Since then, Lynwood Networking has been providing high quality cabling installations while continuing to abid by the Telecommunications Industries Code of practice & Procedures to delivery systems as they were meant to be installed, by the various manufactures to provide the optimum performance at all times.

Best of all is Lynwood Networking is vendor independent, allowing total flexibility for installation of your specific network preference (if any), however, we are fully certified in many cases to install the leading brands of structured cabling systems with warranty’s available of up to 25Yrs in most cases.

Our Customer base over the many years now includes a wide variety of high profile companies from all sectors of commercial offices and industry. Our Customers have one thing in common; they require the most cost effective technical solution(s) to their current networking needs, and their anticipated future requirements.

We also provide our installation services and consultancy service to many well known large IT Cabling Company’s on a sub-contractual basis all year round. Such as our ability to deliver we are contracted again and again by the same Clients.

At Lynwood Networking we are proud to offer solutions for both passive & active Voice over IP (VOIP), LAN switching, including Wireless options which are becoming more popular (WiFi). Lynwood Networking were also the among the first companies to install WiFi, Cat5, Cat 5e, Cat 6 and most recently the new 10Giga bit CAT 6a system and the new Cat7 systems.

We feel that our ability to design and deliver such cabling solutions has made Lynwood Networking standout against its competitors as a dedicated structured cabling networking company.

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