Networking Products

Lynwood Networking can supply directly to you (by direct delivery) all networking products from all the major brands. The following is a “summary list” of just some of the many products available, if some thing you’re looking for is not listed or you would like more information please contact us and we would be glad to help.

The majority of products listed below are ex. stock with next day delivery in Ireland.Patch Lead

- Computer Wiring Cabinets (600x600x39 or 800x800x42) typical example sizes

- Specialist Server Cabinets (800x1000x39 or 800x1000x42) typical  examples sizes

- Wall & SOHO Cabinets (Small Office Home Office) 7U/9U/12U/16U etc.

- Accessories for above Cabinets such as:

- Power distribution Poles (PDU’s) 6 / 10 / 12 way

- Monitored/networked Power distribution Poles (PDU’s) 6 / 10 / 12 way (displays loads)

- Castors for Cabinets

- Shelves for CabinetsAPC UPS

- Modem Shelves for Cabinets

- Telescopic Shelves for Cabinets

- Telescopic Keyboard Shelves for Cabinets

- Horizontal Cable Management bars (1U / 2U etc)

- Vertical Cable Management bars

- Extract Fans (Roof Mounted) 2 & 4 fan units available

- Patch panels (Cat5e/6/7) 12 / 24 / 48 ports (High density)

- Patch panels (Voice) 50 ports (High density) ISDN/PSTN etcComputer Cabinet

- Fibre Patch panels (ST / SC /MMJ / FC/ SC DUPLEX / FDDI

- Patch Leads (all lengths & colours Cat5e/6/7)

- Device Leads (all lengths & colours Cat5e/6/7)

- Floor Modules & Plates RJ45 (Cat5e/6/7)

- Cable (Copper) UTP / FTP / (LSF _ LSOH) Standard / Duct Grade

- Cable (Multi-pair) Telecommunications (50/100/150 pair) Standard / Duct Grade

- Cable (Fibre) Multi or Single mode 62.5/125uM (SWA or CST) Pre- terminated if required.

- Uninterruptible power supply units (U.P.S.) free standing units from 500va up to 3000va all by American Power Conversion (APC)

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